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Promote your website and generate traffic - for FREE!

Build your list and earn affiliate sales - for FREE!

Upon joining Ad Tracts $10 is deposited into your commissions account.

Does your web traffic need a boost?

Ad Tracts is a free Text Ad Exchange that can send unlimited web traffic to your...

  • Website

  • Blog

  • Capture Page/Squeezepage

  • Referral Page

What is a text ad exchange?

Text ad exchanges are a free form of Internet advertising. As an active member you receive points when you view other member ads. Using earned points you post your ads. It's that simple! It is referred to as a text ad exchange because member advertising consists of a text link which promotes and ad. To make things even better we offer HTML ads as well.

How does it work?

Members view traffic links, text links and HTML ads to earn points. Then members setup their promotions in the text ad exchange. When other members view these ads, points are deducted from the advertisers account. Points are not deducted unless someone views your promotion. Ad Tracts is a great tool for generating free traffic and list building.

Ad Tracts is feature rich...

  • Free & Easy to Join
  • Affiliate Program - earn cash & traffic.
  • Great Promotional Tools
  • Free Banner Ads
  • Fast Flowing Traffic
  • Superior Customer Service
  • DownLine Builder - over 50 programs available, add 3 of your favorites.
  • Email Referrals - 10 levels down.
  • Viral URL Cloaker - hide your affiliate links, advertise site & gain referrals.
  • Detailed Tracking Statistics
  • Member Resources - additional marketing tools.

Free Member Benefits

  • Post Ads Everyday
  • Earn Free Solo Ads
  • 250 SignUp Points
  • Earn Commissions
  • Banner Ads
  • 3 Saved Ads
  • Referral Mailer
  • Much More...

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